Vocalise, a musical gem

Natalia Lomeiko and Yuri Zhislin

Rachmaninov’s Vocalise is a musical gem! We love playing this piece in Yuri Zhislin’s arrangement! Having just received the edit from Ivan Martin in Spain, what a way to bring my Birthday to an end with Yuri Zhislin on viola and Ivan Martin on piano. This piece is in Camerata Tchaikovsky new album Russian Colours!

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Natalia Lomeiko in Provence

Château de l’Empéri

The last piece of the @festival_salon, the Mendelssohn Quartet. Many thanks to the great team behind the scenes, fantastic musicians and artistic directors!

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Natalia Lomeiko and Yuri Zhislin

Soirées at Breinton

It was a liberating experience. On Saturday 4 July, the first day of freedom from lockdown, Summer at Breinton: Fabulous Strings with the Lomeiko Zhislin Duo was potentially the very first live, public concert with an audience for over 100 days.

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Natalia Lomeiko, violinist
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