Soloist: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Jon Rutter

Soloist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 25 September 2022, conducted by John Rutter.
Celebrating two pieces by John Rutter and another great British compser, Vaughan Williams.

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Natalia Lomeiko in Provence

Château de l’Empéri

The last piece of the @festival_salon, the Mendelssohn Quartet. Many thanks to the great team behind the scenes, fantastic musicians and artistic directors!

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Natalia Lomeiko and Yuri Zhislin

Soirées at Breinton

It was a liberating experience. On Saturday 4 July, the first day of freedom from lockdown, Summer at Breinton: Fabulous Strings with the Lomeiko Zhislin Duo was potentially the very first live, public concert with an audience for over 100 days.

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Natalia Lomeiko, violinist
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